MongoDB Atlas

Join us on our Discovery morning


MongoDB with Digora are offering a 2-hours presentation and demo to learn about MongoDB, the next-generation general purpose data platform for modern applications.

You'll learn about the key differences between the MongoDB Document model vs the traditional relational technologies, key use cases MongoDB supports and how you can consume MongoDB in a seamless way in your own datacenter, in the cloud or as a fully managed service on the cloud provider of choice.


Morning program:

  • 9:30: Welcome
  • 10:00: Intro MongoDB: Next Generation General Purpose Data Platform
    • What is it?
    • How is it different?
  • Common Use Cases MongoDB Supports
  • MongoDB Atlas Overview: Use MongoDB Atlas as a managed services your Cloud Provider of Choice
  • MongoDB (Atlas) Demo
  • Q&A
  • 12:00: Walking lunch


When: Thursday October 17th
            from 9:30am to 1:30pm


Where: City Hotel, 1 Rue de Strasbourg, 1021 Luxembourg


Access :near trainstation, 2' walk from public parking

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